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Exciting 3D Animation Careers that You Must Consider

Exciting 3D Animation Careers that You Must Consider

When ‘Ice Age’, one of the first to come 3D animated movie released, there was plenty of excitement around it. But as technologies developed people involved in 3D animation started working in different areas rather than just the fields of films and gaming. And with time it is also known that one needs solid design and art skills, good observational skills, and not just artistic ability for careers in the animation industry.

3D Animation is vast. There are many job profiles that come under the umbrella of 3D animation Programs. Look at the career options you have when you finish a course in 3D animation. Most of these animation career courses can be taken up instantly after successful of 12th or equivalent programs.

3D Animator

As the name suggests, individuals involved in this field create 3D animation. They take on a variety of duties for the purpose of preparing and crafting their art form. This job requires strong visual imaging, and computer skills. Corresponding to several industry reports, the demand for 3D animators is huge at present.

3D Modeler

3D modelers build 3D characters and environments based on the concept art. Modelers also create character skeletons, which animators then control. These multi-talented experts create more than just characters we see in movies. They come up with images and models for geologists, architects, scientists, healthcare companies, engineers and more.

3D Rigging Artist

3D riggers are answerable for utilizing computer software to form skeletons for characters and objects. They make a series of bones that deform and animate specific parts of the character. It requires creativity, precision, and an eye fixed for detail.

Texturing Artist

People during this field specialise in making photo realistic textures and create images to a high level of realism as element of the model. Strong visual skills, and a good eye for detail, scale, composition, colour, and form are essential skills.

Lighting Artist

To be a lighting artist, you need to be good at understanding how material/textures work with light, why somewhat has specular and others do not. You will apply virtual lighting to mimic the illumination in the real world. You can add secondary virtual light to visually improve the objects or characters in the scene.

Rendering Artist

3D rendering artists are engaged in rendering stylised and photorealistic atmospheres, objects, and characters. They do all necessary modification using software to achieve the ultimate looks and render the compositing file as outcome.


This is mostly the post-production aspect of animation. Compositing artists work with lighting directors and FX artists to help make the final animated film or project. Their job is to creatively merge rendered computer animation, special effects, and graphics into a well improved project.

And regardless of the type of work, each aspiring animator needs to possess the skills to work as part of a team. It is not just the technical skills that makes you an animator. A need to understand the aesthetics of visual storytelling is extremely important.

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